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iPhone Trademark

Apple has already filed for the rights to the iPhone trademark. They also suggested that the company use the moniker in order for the trademark to become popular. This filing was made months before the Apple iPhone was launched on June 29 of this year.
The Apple iPhone's launch had been eagerly anticipated simply because it promised to be a mobile digital electronic device that is capable of doing what the other mobile models don't, such as sending and getting calls, faxes, email and other data such as MP3 and downloads. But it also promises to do so much more.
Apple has invested billions in order for the software to live up to the customers expectations. Surely, they have managed to do well because of the unprecedented sales of the mobile. In fact, they also struck a partnership with Cingular, asking them to only sell the mobile if the potential customer is willing to sign a 2 year contract with the provider.
However, there have been discrepancies in Apples filing for the trademark rights of the iPhone. Up to now, it is still being examined. Apple tried to get the trademark in March and also filed the same request in South Africa.
Journalists and analysts both often use iPhone to refer to Apples cell phone initiative, in order to follow up the success it received from the MAC and the iPod. Apple, though, faces more challenges in the mobile phone industry. This comes in the form of the two giants; Motorola and Nokia.
Chief executive officers of the company are already betting on the increased stocks Apple will gain because of the popularity of the mobile and they may not be wrong. In fact, they have commissioned for the prototypes that were released to their manufacturing partners which helped in getting the world the iPhone.
People who have been around Apple so long know that the company's technique is to design the handsets in such a way that it conforms with the previously released models but it leverages higher in the sense that the digital features are better than those of the mobile phones released before. Read history about iPhone
Inspired by the success of the iPod nano, the next marketing strategy for the Apple iPhone is to make it available in the candy colors which made iPods sell more. They say that they will make the iPhone available in three colors soon. Source : FreeArticles

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